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How to pay my debt

Who can I contact to find out where my debt is from and how to pay it? 

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How to pay my debt

Only you know where your debt is from no one can tell you.  You made the debt who did you buy from or charge from who did you make bills with that's where your debt came from who do you owe money to???  You can only answer that not people reading your post. Who ever is billing you you need to work with and if you can not pay for it do not buy it or do not do whatever it is you are going to use credit to do unless it is an extreme  emergency.

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How to pay my debt

Here is a link to the IRS topic 203 for refund offset information. They will also send out a letter to let you know why your refund was adjusted.

Disclaimer: Not a tax professional. Information gathered from internet links. Anything dated in June 2019 was posted in prior years and is before the 2019 limits and changes.