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HI State transfer error by Turbo Tax

Errors from my HI State 2018 transfer to 2019:


My 2017 State taxable refund amount  reported on my 2018 tax return was transferred to my 2019 tax return as a tax extension payment in error.  The amount was refunded as reported on 2018 tax return, making it taxable income.  How could T.T. convert taxable overpayment figure into a tax extension?     I didn't make nor report any tax extension payments at all for any year.  


I tried doing a State only amendment but even when I choose only State, it assumes I'm amending Fed as well. I can't get around it.  It won't let me continue, keeps trying to correct Fed form change during Smart check, but there is no Fed changes.  I want to smash Turbo Tax against the wall.  I've redone it from beginning to end, 6 times.  Not only won't it bypass Federal, even after I try to remove the transferred error amount on the State form,  it keeps telling me I owe zero when I should be paying the removed tax extension amount.  And, it doesn't show the extension error amount on the "check original return sheet",  even though Turbo Tax transferred it.  You can prove it was transferred when you click on the amount on the actual original return.  So very frustrating.  Now I'm stuck taking a penalty because I can't amend this return.  


Also, my 2019 1099-R took some State Tax out and I reported it.  But the State doesn't show anything reported to them, so without being able to file an amendment, I have to pay that amount of tax again.  Double jeopardy. Total $863 plus penalties and interest.


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