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Double entry on form 8949

How do I correct a double entry on 8949.  I removed the sales in turbo Tax, but the amount to doubled on 8949.

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Double entry on form 8949

You may want to log out, clear your cookies and cache, and then log back in. After that, try deleting the sale again if it is still present. 


Here's how to clear your cookies and cache:


Each browser has a slightly different method for deleting cookies. Choose the browser you're using:


A full or corrupted cache can cause problems in TurboTax, so sometimes you need to clear your cache (that is, remove these temporary files).


Here are the official instructions for the most popular browsers:

Apple's official support site doesn't appear to contain instructions for clearing the cache in Safari. Your best bet is to search the Internet for clear Safari cache or similar search terms.

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