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Level 7

HELOC on house being re-modeled

I want to get a HELOC to re-model my primary home. My HELOC was approved but the day I went to sign the loan acceptance learnt that a much lower introductory rate was available. So decided not to accept the loan but reapply. Meanwhile re-modeling started and now the bank refuses to approve new loan application since home is in the process of getting re-modeled.


Any advice?

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Level 14

HELOC on house being re-modeled

that doesn't make a lot of sense (but may make some sense)


1) as required by law, ask the Bank to provide you the written reason for the decline

2) find another Bank 


I could see the argument that if the re-model has begun and somehow the labor and materials has been paid for, then in a way, asking for a loan results in 'cash out' which the Bank may not want to entertain.  Would the Bank say 'no' if you are only asking for the money for the future re-model needs?  

Level 7

HELOC on house being re-modeled

The denial (verbal so far but I have asked for it in writing) is due to original assessed value of the home no longer being applicable since re-modeling involves changing the state of the original home.