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home loan interest on Homes

I have 2 homes I pay mortgages on 


in turbotax, i entered in the first loan Interest of 14871.97

Then on my 2nd home, i Refinanced during the year.

The first loan says 15939.38 interest payed

the 2ndloan(refinancing the first) i paid 4993.39


for a total of 35804.74


now the strange part... i had entered the first 2, and it said i owed just over 900 federal taxes.

I then entered that 3rd entry of 4993, and my federal taxes went UP  to 3200??

why would my taxes go UP after I enter in Mortgage interest? 


Thanks for your time.

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home loan interest on Homes

found this in turbotax HELP..

What if I have multiple 1098s related to a refinance done in 2020?

Hold up! Follow these instructions if you refinanced last year and your new loan amount is $375,000 or more ($250,000 if Married Filing Separately).

If you refinanced last year, you will have a 1098 from your previous lender and one from the lender you refinanced with. You'll need both forms to enter the details for this screen.

1. Gather all of your 1098 forms related to your refinance, e.g. the form from your original lender and the form from your new lender.
2. Grab a calculator and add the Mortgage Interest Received (Box 1) amount from each form and enter the total in TurboTax as Box 1 Mortgage interest.
3. Add the box 5 Mortgage Insurance Premium from each form and enter the total as Box 5 Mortgage insurance premiums. (If you weren't required to pay mortgage insurance premiums, these boxes will be blank on your forms and you won't enter anything here.)
4. Add the property tax paid from each form and enter it here next to Property (real estate) taxes paid.

5. Enter the remaining items from the 1098 loan that was paid off in 2020 for the Outstanding Mortgage Principal (Box 2), Mortgage Origination Date (Box 3), and the checkbox on box 7 (address of property securing the mortgage)

It's uncommon but you could have additional 1098 forms, for example, you refinanced multiple times or your loan was sold by your lender. If you do, follow the same steps but be sure to include info from all of your forms in your calculations for steps 2-4.

Once you're done here, hold on to your forms for when we ask about any points you paid when you refinanced. Points are a fee you pay to reduce your loan's interest rate. If you paid points, you'll see an amount in box 6 of the 1098 for your refinance.


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home loan interest on Homes

I refinanced my home then it was sold.  I have three 1098's for 1 property.  How  do I input all the data ( Box 1, 2, and 3) when Turbo tax requires the input by lender.  Your help notes say to add mortgage interest from the 3 1098's and input in Box 1  but what lender do you use?

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