Updates returns Error?
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Updates returns Error?

Anyone else getting errors with the update. You are locked into getting the updates prior to anything else. Ha..  that fails right off the bat.  Error -[phone number removed] plus lots of other error info.  Click on the meaning of this error- guess what.. page not supported!! A real circle jerk.  On the third try, second computer it finally loaded the updates.  Next it does NOT find any prior tax files.  I believe their programmers completely ignored the fact that some used Win 7 last year and only recently went to Win 10.  Not only does it not find any tax files, select Browse and point to the pdf file (which the screens indicate are supported) and the import fails.  Dead in the water.  OK, lets try a Mac, one without a cd drive.  Go to Turbotax.com to download the Mac version which the booklet says is available.  Wrong!  The choice is buy or complete on-line.  No option to download the file and use the key on your product.  Terrible, terrible product this year.  I will be returning this product first thing Monday for sure.  Their web site has zero contact info. 

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