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What’s a hard workin man suppose to do

So, it’s been a few years back now, I’d say a handful but not more than two. My ex-fiancé took me to the cleaners even though we never got married. She took everything including my tooth brush and roll of T.P.  Well she had been planning this scheme for a long time. She used all six or so of my credit cards for online purchases to benefit her move into a new house. Maxed all them bastards out.  I called the credit companies. Gave them her full name social and birth date on a silver platter. They ship new cards out((same address)hmmm) she recieved them, activated a couple and the rest cane in activated already.  Yup she does this a second and a third time. She would get the mail before I got off of work.  Until I finally had them shipped to a family members house. Second and third time, same thing. Give them her name ss# birthdate. They would not go after her yet stuck me with over $9,000.00 to pay back. I mean to the point that take what your thinking in you head and ohh take it to the level of yeah right. You’d probably still end up a little short. I’ve made state counselors literally cry.  I’ll put that on my life, as true as water flows from highest to lowest of elevation.  It’s knocked my credit score, my lines of credit,my name with credit companies, it’s effectively hurt my everyday way of life.  Now, I’m having a hard time just surviving, let alone pay even a dollar towards that $9,000.00+ that I’ve gotten stuck with. I’m so far up **bleep**’s creek, even if I had a paddle I’m still F*#k*d. What do I do!?!? Anyone got anything for me?? Or did I just make you feel a little bit better about yourself cause yes there is someone worse off than you have it. If I did then this next parts for you:  If so, I’m glad to be the light that sheds down, guiding you  on your path you walk. God bless!