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Unknown credit card in Intuit, but not on my credit report

There is a credit card that I DO NOT have showing up in my Intuit credit score, but when I checked in my Trans Union credit report to dispute it, it is not there. How do I get it removed from my Intuit account?

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Unknown credit card in Intuit, but not on my credit report

I can’t offer any explanation for that. Possibly, you would have to contact into its customer support by phone. Whatever information is presented to you in the turbo app is not necessarily the same information presented to somebody who request your credit report. If your credit reports do not contain this information, then I don’t think it really matters if it shows up in Turbo, although I can’t explain it.


Also, be aware that accounts may have nicknames or may show up under the name of the lender that you don’t recognize. For example, I have gas station credit cards that show up under the name of the issuing bank instead of the name of the gas station.


start by getting all three of your free annual credit reports and check all three of them for correct information.

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