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My taxes are suppost to come to my netspend card but netspen wont let me activate it and my refund will be here soon what will happen to my taxes if i cant activate my card
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My taxes are suppost to come to my netspend card but netspend wont let me activate the card and my return is suppost to be here in a couple days what will happen to the return if card is not activated
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You said Netspend.  So is this not the Turbo Prepaid Visa Card?


This is mainly a user community forum, so we won't know what is going on with your Netspend card.  You'll need to phone Netspend's customer support and speak to one of their agents.  Perhaps their customer service number is on the back of the card.


"Netspend won't let me activate it."

Ask them why you are having trouble activating your card and what specifically will happen to your refund if it's released in the meantime.


You can check the IRS website below for the status of your Federal refund:


NOTE:  When the IRS releases your refund, that tool will say they sent it to your "bank", even if you chose a card.  A card also uses an underlying bank account and routing number, so the IRS tool views all direct deposits as going to a "bank" even if it's a card.


If you had any TurboTax fees that you chose to pay out of your Federal refund, the funds will go first to an intermediary bank where the fees are subtracted.    Then the rest is sent to your card.

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