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Synchrony Account Manager

I hope a Mint forum moderator sees this and escalates on all Mint users' behalf who use credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank.

Synchrony Bank introduced a new feature that allows its cardholders to access all their installment account directly from any single credit card's sign-on page. Instead of signing into multiple card accounts, I can sign into my Amazon Prime account and also see my Lowe's, Meinke, BP, etc. account balances.


Convenient for me but Mint is also seeing this access on each of the account websites and is scraping the details for each account.  Therefore, instead of one Meineke account on Mint, I now have three.  So my credit totals on Mint are completely wrong.  Further, I cannot see any way to mark the other two as duplicates.


Please fix ASAP.

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Synchrony Account Manager

It's also not presenting my Verizon Signature (Synchrony) bill.

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Synchrony Account Manager

I'm also having issues.  I've had a Lowe's credit card for many years through Syncrony.  This is accessed through the Lowe's website.


I recently got a Husqvarna account that's accessed through 


If I try to link my mysynchrony account, it doubles up my lowes and husqvarna credit cards and shows them twice.


If I delete one of them, it removes them both.

New Member

Synchrony Account Manager

^^ I hope the Synchrony API gets some attention too. I've had 3 cards issued through Synchrony, 1 should be Inactive and 2 are Active. However, Mint will display the inverse as the Inactive as Active and the other 2 truly "Active" cards as Inactive. I'd love to track the payments/balances in Mint but this obviously poses a huge issue! 

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