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Credit Card

In reviewing all my accounts opened, I noticed a card that I personally didn’t apply for that is listed. How can I investigate to either find out if someone is using my information and to close the account. Is this considered identity theft or credit card fraud? Please assist me on how to clear this. Fortunately they’re paying on time, however it’s not me, and is listed on my intuit account of all my credit cards!

Thank you

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Credit Card

You should get your free credit reports from the site below, review them, and file a dispute if necessary.

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Credit Card

Start by getting all three credit reports.  They should include the name and phone number of the lender.  You can also make sure whether the account is listed in more than one place.


Then you would need to call the lender.  If this is a real account opened in your name at the lender, you will need to work with their fraud department to close it.  You may need to file an affidavit or police report.


Or, if this is a data glitch and only one credit report has listed an account that is not yours by accident, you would discuss it with them directly.  There is also a formal, federally mandated appeal process you can follow if a simple phone call won't fix it.  But an appeal will not remove an account that is real but in your name fraudulently, you have to work through the lender in that case. 

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