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Personal Loan HELP

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I tried to get a personal loan through my bank to consolidate my debt and they have turned me down twice. I have a perfect standing with them, and have been with them for 15+ years. the only problem I have is that they are automatically putting me down for so much $$$ in living expense that I do not pay I pay everything else utilities, food and bills. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

            Thank you


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Personal Loan HELP

In all seriousness, I would highly suggest you take your banking needs elsewhere. Generally, I find credit unions better serve my needs beyond what any bank could even dream off.


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Personal Loan HELP

Carl's got a good point. Feels like it may be time to shop around. 


A couple of options come to mind: 


1. You can move your bank accounts elsewhere 

2. You can leave your accounts where they are and apply for a personal loan elsewhere (lots of good, reputable, companies have emerged in the last decade, allowing folks not to resort to leg breaker rates) 

3. You could explore transferring your balances to a 0% balance card, BUT only if you're serious about aggressively paying down the debt in the first 12 months (while 0% lasts)

4. You could try snowball or avalanche as a debt repayment method, which would be the organic way of doing it (but would leave you with your current interest rates) 


Any of those sound reasonable? 

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Personal Loan HELP

Sorry to hear about your experience - that stinks! I work for Intuit and Turbo so would love to learn more about your experience to better understand how we here could make better such experiences. Have questions such as:

  • Why did you go to the place you went for a loan? (ie. convenience, advertised best rates, used them before, referred, etc)
  • What documentation did they ask you to provide?
  • How long did it take all total - from the point you started filling out the app to they told you you were declined?

Anyhow if you are open to chatting more let me know and we can DM

Level 3

Personal Loan HELP

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