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Why cant I pay with my Card from another country?

I canceled my U.S. Card Cause it kept getting stolen from the mail and people were using it.



Bruce Metcalf

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See this FAQ:


The FAQ mentions a "Pay with refund" option, but that cannot be used unless you have a USA bank account.    We can tell you about the 2 free products.


Pay for what product?   You indicated Free Edition when you posted your question.  It has no fees.  Are you using a paid product, or did you add on to Free Edition with an option such as PLUS or Audit Defense/MAX?


Also are you military?   Your screen name made me wonder.   If so, there are 2 free products military can use that we can tell you about, that have both free Federal and State returns.    Even if not military, we can tell you how you may be able to use one of the free products.