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Faulse debt

I just figure out that I have debt from TD bank / Target credit card ? however, I never open the credit card from this bank or Target. It shows it's opened on year 2010. But I was living overseas (not in US)  from about 2005 to 2016.  how could I figure out who use my info to open the account ? 

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Faulse debt

@Yammie Lam wrote: could I figure out who use my info to open the account ? 

Review your credit reports which you can get free of charge from the link below.

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Faulse debt

you can't use the credit report to figure out who opened the account.


it's probably too far gone, but suggest calling the credit card company and asking for the documentation of the transaction that occurred.  Importantly, Ask them for a copy of the application and then check the signature on that application.  Is it yours? 


if someone fraudulently opened an account using your identity, you won't be able to figure how who it was in any event. 


it also could have been a key punch error that resulted in the same Social Security # as your own.