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What can I do to get a tuition (college) tax return?

- My parents claimed that on me last year and received money back
- I should be receiving some money back this year myself (my parents accountant told them so)
-Turbotax is saying I do not qualify for a return, however
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Intuit Alumni

What can I do to get a tuition (college) tax return?

If your parents claim you, they get the education credit. If you claimed yourself this year, go back over your answers.
Level 15

What can I do to get a tuition (college) tax return?

There's a new urban myth among college students that says they can get a $1000 from the government just for filing a tax form. For most of them, they simply aren't eligible. A student, under age 24, is only eligible for the refundable portion of the American Opportunity Credit if he supports himself by working. You cannot be supporting yourself on parental support, 529 plans or student loans & grants. You must have actually paid tuition, not had it paid by scholarships & grants.  It is usually best if the parent claims that credit. 

You cannot claim a credit if you are, or can be, claimed as a dependent by someone else.

While technically there is a provision that allows you to claim a tuition credit, from a practical matter it seldom works out.  If the student actually has a tax liability he can claim a non-refundable credit but then the parent must forgo claiming the student's dependent credit and the student still can’t claim himself.

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