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I’m in college and I need to know where to file my 1098-T

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I’m in college and I need to know where to file my 1098-T

Yes.  A form 1098T is used to report tuition paid to higher educational institution to get a degree or diploma.  A student may claim his/her qualified expenses paid for American Opportunity Credit ($1,500 non-refundable credit applied towards tax liability and $1,000 as refund) or Lifetime Learning Credit, if AOC been claimed for 4 years. You may follow the steps below to enter 1098T in Turbo Tax:

  1. Log in Turbo Tax.
  2. Under Income and Expenses, scroll all the way down to Education, click show more.
  3. Click Expenses and Scholarships (Form 1098T) and click start.

See, education credits (AOTC and LLC), for information.

Level 15

I’m in college and I need to know where to file my 1098-T

Most students do not file their 1098-T.  Instead, your parent files it, if you are their dependent.


There's a new urban myth among college students that says they can get a $1000 from the government just for filing a tax form. For most of them, they simply aren't eligible. A full time unmarried student, under age 24, even if you don't qualify as a dependent, is only eligible for the refundable portion of the American Opportunity Credit if he supports himself by working. You cannot be supporting yourself on parental support, 529 plans or student loans & grants. You usually must have actually paid tuition, not had it paid by scholarships & grants.  It is usually best if the parent claims that credit. 

You cannot claim a credit if you are, or can be, claimed as a dependent by someone else.

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