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1098 box 6 - need help identifying

Hello, filling out my form for 1098 and it says on the last box "property (real estate) taxes , not sure what i enter here? On my 1098 form i have a box 6 that has an amount of $745, but i have nowhere to enter this on the form.
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Intuit Alumni

1098 box 6 - need help identifying

Real estate taxes are not always reported on a 1098, and when they are, different lenders use different boxes.

If the real estate tax, (property tax) is reported on the 1098, enter that amount in the last box on that screen. If not, leave the box blank.

Box 6 is where the lender reports "Points" paid.

When you enter the 1098, you should get to a screen that asks "Did you take out this loan in 2016?" If the answer is "Yes", the next screen allows you to report the points. If "No", the points are not entered.

(Please see screen shots below)

If you did pay property taxes, be sure to enter that amount under:

Federal Taxes

Deductions & Credits

Scroll down to "Your Home"   Show more

Scroll down to "Property (Real Estate) Tax   Start

Use your tax bill receipt, or call the local assessor's office if you need to find out what you paid in 2016. 

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