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California State Interview gone wonkers?

Click on 'State Taxes'

> continue

> Finish your state return and ready to review?  Select Done with States.


I never did the state.  I had started it and it showed a list of deduction you had to confirm that you had entered (which I did last week) and so I went back to check.  And now I cannot get back to where I left off. 


> 'done with states'

> takes me to review

> Shut down TurboTax.  (not saving as I made no updates)

> Start TurboTax > choose my form

> reenter 0 for grant allocations (I guess I had made updates)

>reenter 0 for covid-19 relief grant

> Investment Interest Expense Adjustements (not seen before)

> Let's see how CA taxes income > continue

> California Federal Itemized Deductions (list of differences) > continue

> *** Now we have a screen that was NOT available when I followed the instructions on the previous step to go back to the Federal Taxes Section and verify I had entered the "list of differences" values.  THIS IS A BUG! 

The screen is "Here's the income that California handles differently - if any of these apply to you, we'll work on them together (warm and fuzzy).  Then we'll move on to the state tax breaks.

The next 5 or 10 screens were all NOT available when I ran the application last time - because I clicked on 'Federal Taxes' and went to review to see if I had entered the various deductions.





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