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Level 6

WMR Bars Gone After 12 Days...

Hey everyone! Am I the only one who hates tax season? Anyway, I am due a refund of roughly $6k. I have NEVER had an issue getting my refunds before but my wife and I recently moved to a new state and started our own business where we are paid 1099. We didn't make that much and TurboTax said our chances of an audit were low. I was still shocked we were even getting a refund but now the bars on WMR have disappeared. Is this common for 1099? How long does it typically take to go through? I tried to see my transcript bit shows N/A. I have seen similar questions asked but they are more than a year old or that were people who filed early this year and got their return on the 23rd of Feb due to EITC... I have EITC but I didn't file until 2/18. I just wanted to see if there are other people in this boat or see if anyone could shed some light! Thanks in advance!


Here are my details:

Filed: 2/18

Accepted: 2/22

Bars disappeared: 3/6

TurboTax Estimated Refund Date: 3/15

Level 3

WMR Bars Gone After 12 Days...

My WMR bar isn't gone but still sitting at Return Received. Filed 2/22 and accepted 2/22. No estimated refund date but the standard answer of "We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. However, processing may take longer under certain circumstances."

 I have never experienced anything like this before. Was hoping to find some answers from others on here too.

Level 5

WMR Bars Gone After 12 Days...

I filed & was accepted last month as well, and after a few weeks, the WMR status bar disappeared. (still being processed, no tax code)

Ended up calling IRS and spoke to a representative who stated that I should be getting a letter soon. Rep couldn't give me a letter code or speculate what the letter indicated. Then stated it could take another 4 to 6 weeks to receive my refund...


Level 3

WMR Bars Gone After 12 Days...

F/A 2/17, I had one bar with TT 152 and then on 3/9 bars disappeared with still processing message and TT 152. I haven’t updated since. Haven’t received a letter or anything. Is this bad or good? Turbo tax gave an estimated refund date of 3/10. I haven’t called since I had no other codes listed.
Level 4

WMR Bars Gone After 12 Days...

Have you received your refund? I’m having the same problem.