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Return sent back, needs amended

I did my taxes and sent the paper copies to the IRS as I was unable to send through online.  They then sent me back my documents because i did not sign them.  HOWEVER, I need to amend my documents because I got a form from a stock trading company and i need to report my losses, am i able to just do new forms, or do I have to amend the document even though it has not technically been filed? I can not find a way to fix my forms online.  Thanks.

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Employee Tax Expert

Return sent back, needs amended

If the IRS sent it  back, they do not need to be amended.  They were never actually filed and processed.   You can log back into your account and Add a State, that will get you back into your return to add the additional tax forms you received.  But,don't actually prepare or file the additional state.  


 Log in to your TurboTax Online account

  •     Click on My TurboTax at the top of the page
  •     Click on My Tax Timeline
  •     Under Some Things You Can Do, click on Add a State (you will not prepare a state return, this just gets you back into the return )