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New Member

TurboTax's timeline says it takes 2 days on average for tax return status to go from "accepted" to "approved." Why is mine stuck on "accepted" 15 days in?

I know about Where's My Refund, and I know the IRS has 21 days to process returns before you're allowed to start prodding them, so I'm not looking for that information, or a link to WMR. 

TurboTax has a timeline (not the personalized one; it's just a generic timeline) indicating that most refunds go from "accepted" to "approved" in an average of two days. 

My return was accepted within half an hour of filing, but it still has not been approved 15 days later. My WMR timeline has been gone for roughly a week on the IRS site -- it just tells me "Your return is still being processed. A personalized refund date will be provided...etc." 

I'm not looking for a boilerplate answer here. I'm more looking for someone who experienced the same thing to go, "Yeah, that happened to me. My return was accepted on this date, my timeline disappeared for this many days, and ultimately it took this long for my status to be changed to approved, and then I received my refund this many days later." 

Also, if anyone knows approx what time the IRS updates the WMR thing, I know it's once a day and at night, like friggin' Santa Clause, but I can't seem to catch them. 

Nailing my eyeballs to the WMR site, checking the IRS2GO app, checking TurboTax timeline and Q&A's and nothing is changing. WHERE'S MY D@*$ REFUND?

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Level 5

TurboTax's timeline says it takes 2 days on average for tax return status to go from "accepted" to "approved." Why is mine stuck on "accepted" 15 days in?

Well it depends on your situation if you claimed an EITC on your return then there will be a delay due to the Path Act.  See information below about Path Act:  It can also be under review if it is taking longer than usual, You may have to contact the IRS if it has been over 21 days at 1-800-829-1040.  See below about a review: Only the IRS can give you an estimated time on when your return will be available.

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