Mturk working filing status
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Mturk working filing status

I'm not sure how I should go about this. I made over $2,000 as a worker on Amazon Mechanical Turk this past year. I know I need to file this, but, I have no clue how to do this.
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Mturk working filing status

Because you earned this income as an independent contractor, you are self-employed and file Schedule C. You may report expenses related to this income, if any. In order to include this income on your return, you will be prompted to upgrade to the Home & Business edition. If you would rather use Deluxe, you can purchase this software to install on your computer. (TurboTax Deluxe CD/Download includes all forms)

The easiest way to to find Schedule C in TurboTax is to use the Search box at the top right side of the TurboTax header. Enter "schedule c", hit Enter, then click on "jump to schedule c". This will take you directly to the start of this section.

Or go to My Account >> Tools >> Topic Search. Type in "schedule c", then click the topic in the list.

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