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I received a 1099-R when I should not have

My financial institution incorrectly issued me a 1099-R when they should not have because neither did I request nor receive a distribution of my IRA for any amount. I contact them and they acknowleged they made a mistake. I was assurred they would sent a correction to the IRS and to me. However I have never received any correction and have no way of knowing if they sent a correction to the IRS. So do I or do I not report this distribution amount. The IRA in question is a Roth IRA and no taxes are levied. I want to complete my tax return soon because time is running out. 

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I received a 1099-R when I should not have

If you did not get a distribution then do not report it.  Go ahead and file the return.

I am worried about a year from now, with getting a letter from IRS.

However you should get a printout for the year showing no distributions was made from the account and document that the issuer of the 1099R was in error and was going to correct.

 A letter from the issuer of the 1099R would greatly help, to show IRS if necessary.

If you did get a distribution from a Roth IRA it still gets reported on the return, just shows as not being taxable to you.

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