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5071C Letter

I filed last year never recieved so i called the said i had to wait for a letter which i never recieved.
Filed this year didnt recieve fefund this BUT DID RECEIVE A 5017C LETTER so i called again. Because i didn't receive last years she made me and appointment with my local office. I went and got everything cleared up. I received this years refund in about a week after I ordered transcrips. Still no word on last years oddly enough even after i went down and cleared up everything my transcripts came to my old address.
Can someone give me any advice PLEASE
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Level 20

5071C Letter

Apparently, the reason you didn't receive that first 5071-C (not 5017-C) because you moved after filing what was then your last tax return filed, which had that old address on it. You got the letter for the 2018 taxes because your 2018 tax return had your new address on it.

"my transcripts came to my old address."

Apparently, the left hand isn't talking to the right hand at the IRS - at least not in a timely manner. You should submit a change of address form to the IRS, as that will ensure it's updated with all departments within the IRS, in a more timely manner. Start at for how to do this and get the form.