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Can both Parents claim EIC?

My boyfriend and I share a child together. My boyfriend is claiming our son as a dependent this year on his taxes, However can we both claim the EIC? or can only the person claiming the child as a dependent claim the EIC? 

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Can both Parents claim EIC?

No, only one of you can claim the earned income credit (EIC) for your son. To qualify for EIC, your son must have lived with that person for greater than 6 months during the tax year. 


There are four deductions or credits associated with children:

  1. the dependency exemption
  2. the Child Tax Credit (CTC)
  3. the Child and Dependent Care Credit (CDCC), and
  4. the earned income credit (EIC).

If you and your boyfriend lived together with your son during the tax year, only one of you can claim these four items. However, if you and your boyfriend lived apart, the custodial parent may either (a) claim everything or (B) let the noncustodial parent claim the dependency exemption and the Child Tax Credit. EIC and the Child and Dependent Care Credit always go with the custodial parent. 


In the case of parents who live apart, the IRS defines the custodial parent as the parent with whom the child spent the greater number of nights during the tax year.



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Level 4

Can both Parents claim EIC?

We live together. He filed his taxes and did not qualify for the EIC. Even though he claimed the baby as a dependent, Can i still claim the EIC for our son? When I work my taxes through Turbo Tax, even though i selected that i gave my boyfriend permission to claim our son this year, when i get to the Credits section, it says i qualify for EIC with our son, even though i didnt claim him as a dependent.