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1040x and Overpayment of estimated taxes


I filed my 2017 taxes and applied the (Federal) over payment (for example $5,000.00) to 2018 estimated taxes.  I have to file a 1040X because I erroneously entered a wrong number thus reducing the over payment.  Turbo Tax is telling me to MAIL a check for the amount due (for example $250.00)  from the 1040X, however, the over payment from the original 1040 is greater than the 1040X. 

So my questions are:  do I file the 1040X with the amount "due" of $250.00 and just leave the original amount of $5,000.00 as the over payment applied to estimated

OR do I NOT send a check and deduct the amount due of $250.00 from the original $5,000.00 (then leaving a balance of $4,750.00 to apply to 2018 EST)?


Turbo Tax clearly shows on the State return instruction sheet for 1040x, that the error reduced the amount of the over payment for the 2018 State estimated taxes and prints out the new adjusted amount  (no amount due to be paid).

For the Federal return instructions for the 1040x, it tells me to mail in the $250.00.  I guess I don't understand why I'm sending in MORE money to Federal, when they already have a large sum applied.  And if this IS what I'm really supposed to do.

Thank you in advance!

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Catalyst V

1040x and Overpayment of estimated taxes

Once you've chosen to have a refund applied to the next year, its really hard to get that money back and have it applied to the current year.   It wont happen automatically, you will probably need to contact IRS to see if it can be done at all.

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