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Visitor I

Turbo Tax [bleep] Form

Hi Folks,


            I have three annuities with New York Life which generate 1099-Rs. In each of these accounts, the IRA/SEP/SIMPLE Box is UNchecked.  Yet, Turbo Tax wants to call these accounts “Retirement Accounts” and to require a minimum distribution.  They are not “Retirement Accounts” according to New York Life.


            It would be a lot easier for me to text you questions and, then, have you text me back whenever you can rather than waiting for a call-back. 


            When I come back to continue my return, why do I have to always review my personal information?  This information does not change from day to day.


            I believe that you should have a button on each screen labeled something like “Store and Continue Later.”  I realize that it stores immediately; but, as it is now, it has me going back each time that I sign in and checking to be sure that it did this the last time that I signed out.


            Why do I always get the efile screen even though I haven’t decided if I want to use it?


            You spelled my name, “Edward Earl Weir Ii.”  I am Edward Earl Weir the Second.  That is a roman numeral two (II).  It is two capital eyes. 


            When I accessed the direct withdrawal from my checking account for my state taxes, it suggested that I use 4/30/2018 for the withdrawal date, which would have been a disaster.  I wanted to print out a copy to check my inputs before I efiled.  When I got ready to efile, I couldn’t get back to this screen.


            It didn’t ask me about the fees for these various brokerage accounts.  There is a slight possibility that I may have been able to deduct them.


-Edward Earl Weir II,

[email address removed]

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Catalyst V

Turbo Tax [bleep] Form

Is this in TurboTax 2017? Online or CD version? For the 1099-R's, what's the code in box 7? I assume the code is the same for all of them.

For your other questions pertaining to the program, this is a public user-to-user forum and TTX support is rarely in here outside of tax filing season. I'm just another user like you, and can't answer for TTX's programming fiasco's. Smiley Happy I'm Carl the 3rd in my family and have been putting up with Carl Iii for over 10 years. Doesn't seem to bother the IRS as I still get my refunds in those years I have one coming.

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