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State Return - Mass

I am supposed to get a free state tax return with my Premier and it is trying to charge me.   Any suggestions?

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State Return - Mass

You might want to read the box your TurboTax CD came in *very* carefully. Does it say you can *download* one state for free, or e-file one state for free? I use a different version, so I don't know what Premier users are allowed, but I do know that Intuit very quietly changed the rules about this feature recently.


They used to allow us to *e-file* FIVE federal and state returns using the same state software, without additional charge, if we bought the CD for $70 or $80. I do all my family's returns, which are mostly from one state, so this worked well for us. A few lower-income family members qualified for "Free Filing" through the TurboTax web site, where there was no state e-filing fee as long as the person qualified for free federal e-filing. Now, although TurboTax still makes this claim on the IRS web site, it is a complete falsehood that will only be discovered at the last step before transmitting the state tax return using the "Free Filing" interface. There it will say you can e-file your state tax return for "only" $24.99. Smooth move, Intuit. Way to hurt the guy who already hurts.