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Refund Lower Than Expected - Switch to Deluxe?

Seems like with my tax situation and the tax forms I received I can use the Free Edition this year. So that's what I'm using. But my refund seems lower than expected.
Should I switch to deluxe? I don't want to "waste" money on an upgrade that isn't needed to get the best refund.

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Refund Lower Than Expected - Switch to Deluxe?

Free Edition is for simple filers that file a 1040EZ (or a 1040A with a standard deduction).  

The 1040EZ is a one page return for Single and Joint Filers with No Dependents. The 1040A includes more income and deduction items and allows for Dependent exemptions.


Schedule A and additional benefits are provided with Deluxe, our most popular version.  So if you have enough deductions to itemize, that may be why you are seeing a lower refund.  


Hope this helps!