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Where is the taxable value of homestead slot?

I was asked by TT last night for the taxable value of my homestead. I didn't have it so I moved on with other things I could fill in. Today I have this info and I wish to enter it. Um... where? I can't remember when TT asked me for this info. How do I find again the place I'm supposed to input it? (In general it will be nice to find how to navigate around in TT.)

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Where is the taxable value of homestead slot?

Hi JeffOYB, 


First try clicking through your state return and looking for the question about homestead.
If it doesn't come up its because sometimes on the second time through the state section can trigger different questions. So if that is the case, delete your state return and start over. But not to worry all of your info will transfer over from federal. You should be presented with the question upon starting over. 


A great user tip and tool in TurtboTax

The search feature in the product can be located in the top right corner, look for the magnifying glass icon. In most cases you can search for the section you are looking for and it will navigate you to that form. 


Hope that helps!