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Finance/Credit Score Error

for 2 years after I filed bankruptcy my credit score held at just under 700.  My new loan servicer reported inappropriately to the bureaus WITH a derogatory comment.  My credit score dropped over 100 points.  After my complaint to them, they admitted their error and removed both the report and the comment.  The trade line was removed but I cannot get any one to remove the comment. My score is still off about 75 points. I have written to the servicer, transunion and Mint.  Now I am seeing higher premiums for my insurance.  Open to any and all recommendations to clear this issue.

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Finance/Credit Score Error

Hi @michaelmom,


You're absolutely correct about worked to dispute the inaccuracy in your credit summary. Because TransUnion controls the content of your credit report, they are the best ones to help you resolve.  You mentioned that you already reached out to them in writing, but here's a link to their Contact Us page that provides some additional options to reach out to them. 


Are you already using a service or platform to track your credit score? 


There are a number of free options and that can help you stay close to your credit score and hopefully help you see the improvement once the credit inaccuracy is removed.

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