Credit Card Roulette
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Intuit Alumni

Credit Card Roulette

Have you looked back to your younger days and think "Why in the world did I possibly think that is a good idea?" when it comes to your credit card spending?   


My confession is allowing my fiance to  participate in  "Credit Card Roulette" on our nights out.  Now my husband of 22 years, he was a Navy Pilot in Flight school and on Friday nights we would go on group dinners and enjoy libations and billiards to wind down from the week.  At the end of the night, our friends would throw their credit cards in a hat and  one chosen to pay for all the drinks and sometimes dinner.  Sometimes the bill would be $800!  


I didn't know at the time  how much  credit card debt limited the amount of a mortgage loan we could receive! Lesson learned!


Is there something you would tell your younger self? Share your confession! 

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