The simplest way to get rid of auto debt.
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The simplest way to get rid of auto debt.

To help your personal financial wellbeing there is no arguing these two principals will help.


Figure out how to:

A.  Earn more.

B.  Spend less.

C.  Do both.


When it comes to B. Spend less I encourage people to start with their biggest spend areas.  For most Americans these are 1. Housing (most commonly mortgage or rent)  2.  Transportation (most commonly auto costs) and 3.  Food.  (yeah the stuff you eat.)


For me the lowest hanging fruit was auto.  I went from paying $650 a month for transportation to $50 dollars a month by simply moving a bit closer to transit and learning how to use it.  I also got a nice commuter bike and used that to commute whenever possible.  It was nice increasing my net worth while decreasing my waist line!   


Learn a bit more about the cost of transportation here and how you can too use that as a power tool ...

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