Change my lease
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Change my lease

Hi, I have a lease with the car I’m driving now and the monthly payment is like never ending and too high for me right now that I’m not working. What can I do ?? 
I need a car with a lower monthly payment 

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Change my lease

My theory is that you get to the point where you buy a 3 year old used car that you can pay off in three years but drive for 7. That makes the car 10 years old which most cars will achieve if you take care of it, (unless you live in an area with a lot of ice and salt use in the winter, in which case you can get maybe 8 years).  So you basically spend half your time paying for a car and half your time saving for the next one.  


The problem is getting out of the lease, because you probably have a penalty clause to end the lease early.  It would not hurt to ask around at the dealership including other dealers, not just where you got the car.  With the COVID hit on the economy, used cars are more popular these days than new cars, so you might find a dealer who will take the car off your hand and buy out the lease for you, so they can put it in their used car inventory.


Then you would need to find a used car for yourself that you can pay off in 3 years or less, for less than the monthly lease payment you are currently paying.  That's probably going to mean basic transportation, nothing fancy or flashy, as long as it's reasonably clean and mechanically sound.  That can be a hard trick to pull off, so good luck. 

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