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Master Limited Partnerships & Form 990-T

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Master Limited Partnerships & Form 990-T

Don't know what happened ... Background for my question:  "My MLP's had UBTI's in excess of $1,000 and a Form 990-T was prepared by my broker.  Also the amount due was deducted from my IRA.  They sent me a copy of the 990-T they prepared.  Question:  What do I need to do next??   

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Master Limited Partnerships & Form 990-T

Nothing.  It IRA custodian must file the 990-T.  Nothing goes on your tax return.


Unrelated business income is reported on a 990-T form.

If you hold a Limited Partnership or LLC in your IRA then any Unrelated Business Income in excess of $1,000 is taxable (even though it is in an IRA). It is not reported on your tax return but on a 990-T form. (The custodian of your IRA is required to file the form for you but you must submit the K-1 form(s) to them - ask the custodian about this).

Unrelated Business Income is reported as code "V" in box 20 on the K-1 form.

Also see pub 598.

Per the 990-T Instructions:

"Who Must File
Trustees for the following trusts that
have $1,000 or more of unrelated trade or
business gross income:
1. Individual retirement accounts
(IRAs), including traditional IRAs"
4. Roth IRAs described under section

**Disclaimer: This post is for discussion purposes only and is NOT tax advice. The author takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information in this post.**
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