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How to report capital loss without 1099

Four years ago, I purchased $5,000 worth of series A preferred shares in a start up that was doing grassroots fundraising. That company has now dissolved and I need to report the $5,000 as a capital loss. The company did NOT issue a 1099. Where do I record this in Turbo Tax?

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How to report capital loss without 1099

I don't know the ins and outs of entering things in TT.  However, what you have is a long-term capital loss...and ultimately belongs on Sch D.   I suggest looking at the entries for for Sch D or entering dispositions of capital assets...e.g., stocks, bonds, etc.


Basically, you've disposed of stock.  You have a $0.00 sales price, less your cost of purchase, would equal your long-term-capital loss.

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