Cryptocurrency filing, please help!
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Cryptocurrency filing, please help!


I bought, traded, and sold cryptocurrencies in 2019. 

I typed my trade info and also imported CSV files on to

However, in the review section, a strange form keeps showing up. 

I don't know what to type here, and even after type number, the same form keeps showing up.

What should I do?



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Cryptocurrency filing, please help!

It looks like some of the cryptos you entered or imported were missing the sale price (proceeds). This may be why you are seeing multiple forms; several sale prices were missing. 


Scroll down on this worksheet, identify the specific trade, and then enter the proceeds. You will have to do this for each trade that was missing the proceeds. You might want to have your crypto records handy on a second screen or printed out so you don't have to keep toggling between windows. 



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Cryptocurrency filing, please help!

Hi Gisele,  thanks for your response. However, I haven't sold most of my crypto. I am still holding.

In this case, should I type 0?

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