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Win $100! How will you spend your refund?

Community Manager
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This sweepstakes has ended

Thank you so much to everyone that participated! It was so great to hear all of your goals and find the different ways we can all connect when it comes to our finances.  A winner was randomly selected and has been contacted to claim their prize.


Hello community members!

For first-time visitors, welcome to the TurboTax + Mint Community. For returning members, welcome back! We’re so glad to "see" you again!

We have another opportunity to win a $100 gift card.  We want to hear from you! If you’re getting a tax refund let us know how you are planning on using it. Whether you are looking to build your savings, purchase your first home, or finally take that dream vacation, we want to hear about it! Sharing your plans with the Community could earn you a gift card to help put you even closer to setting those plans in motion.

To enter simply reply to this post with how you are planning on using your tax refund. On May 19th, 2022, a winner will be randomly selected from this thread.
We will be hosting the How I Plan To Spend My Refund sweepstakes to give you, and others, the opportunity to share your plans. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a $100 gift card.
  • WHAT: Sweepstakes for a $100 gift card
  • WHEN: Entries will be accepted from May 5th, 2022 through May 19th, 2022 at 12:00pm Pacific Time
  • HOW: Enter by adding a comment to this post telling us how you plan to spend your refund. If you are the winner, we will send you a private message. The winner will be selected at random on May 19th, 2022.
Refer to the attached document for the complete rules.
New Member

Well I plan on taking my refund and helping myself pay to get my license because I am freshly out of prison after 3 years 11 month sentence and I'm all alone without any support from family or friends and I'm trying my hardest to stay on track so with getting my license back I'll be able to get back and forth to work after my first month or two of work to pay for a down payment on a car for myself. Its a struggle but I'm determined like I was determined to get high all them years ago. 

Returning Member

So I don't want to get too personal. But my fiance and I just had a baby 9 months ago and I'm still out of work, bc I was also incarcerated and as a female with a record it's very hard for me to find a decent paying job. My credit is terrible from a decision I made at 18. I'm trying to rebuild especially because if I could buy a house since we're in the process of being evicted, I would love that. I really want my tax return to go towards a down payment. If not, we might use it toward a motel room to stay in temporarily.. And it will go towards fixing my car since it's on its last legs, or I'll be buying a new used car if we can't do the house down payment. Right now there's so many options with so much unknown on my path so my heads everywhere, if you can't tell from this post alone. Lol. But I also want to have a fun night out since as a family we haven't been able to recently. And I also have some bills I have to catch up on and possibly put a small fee down to help with my kids and try to put any money away if possible depending where the money goes. And last thing is to get a secured credit card so I CAN build my credit more too to reach my goals. So... Do I win?! Lol!! I know everyone can use extra money right now no matter how small so good luck to any and everyone!!

Level 1

I plan on spending my refund on getting my driver's license back getting me a more reliable car buying my daughter a car helping her get in to her first apt and cleaning up some of my debt so I can get the financial help for my business to fully run 

New Member

I plan to use my tax refund to visit New Orleans for my birthday. I didn’t do anything special for my 50th. So I’m making up for it this year for my 51st.

New Member

I will be spending my refund on much needed house repairs.


New Member

How I Plan To Spend My Refund , I will reunite with my family , who live out of state . 

It's been a year , was suppose to be 3 days . I am so blessed .


New Member

I'm actually not getting a refund im getting the last stimulus check I didn't get the first time around. I hope it'll be enough to fix my license and pay off all my tickets so I can have a fresh start in life since I just got out of rehab. I also wish everyone luck on winning this 100 gift card. 🙏 I really hope it's me though bc I NEVER win anything.

New Member

I’ll be using mine on plus some to pay for my son’s Selective Mutism treatment retreat and therapy… fingers crossed it helps! 

New Member

I will use my refund to take my grandchildren, who live with me, to Adventure Island for a day, and the rest will go into savings so I will be able to give them everything else little kids deserve throughout the year. Birthdays, fireworks, camping etc..

Level 1

We are replenishing our savings account that we pillaged to take care of some unexpected expenses. 

New Member

If I'm blessed with a gift card, I will use it for food or to help pay my phone bill or electricity.  I'm on my own since my husband died and I have rotten children who don't really care about me.  Not complaining, it's just the way it is.  Good Luck to Everyone who needs this!!

New Member

Catch my bills up!!!! And buy a decent used car!

New Member

I'm a 27 year old mother with two children who just left a 10-year abusive rrkwyhow it's going to be they're the only ones that were there for me 100% and loved me 100%. I'm going to use my tax money if I get it start over get the future they deserve as little children. I don't have a family anymore they ended up being more abusive than my ex that I was with that's why I took it from him for so long was because I took it from my family first. My children are so amazing and such a good kids they don't deserve growing up in a household like this. It was all sunshine and Rainbows in the beginning he would do anything for them or me and then it turned really dark really quick he even started mentally abusing the children. Have a boy who is 12 and a girl who is 7 and right now because he made me lose my home he made me lose my kids or having to stay with my mentally abusive parents and they don't have any custody or anything I do they're just finishing school so they don't have to be homeless while I get us a place and I take the homeless part but I'm okay it's just been really hard having nobody. So with my taxes I'm going to I already left I couldn't wait until I got the money it was getting too bad he ended up cheating on me with my sister and everything and now so now my whole family is just losing it. I'm going to build us a future starting with finding a place, a job as I was a stay-at-home mom for last year's with my daughter because I miss how much with my son working. And that's what my ex wanted me to do was best at home mom while he brought in the money and then he have me trap because I had no work history no income I just look like a lazy crazy single mom it's going to get better. I could really use the $ 100 that I could use it for food and gas if possible. It's been really hard going from having everything you ever needed and I had everything before he moved in with me my own place , everything. I didn't even believe it was possible for him to make me lose everything. But he did. I even had to take my cat to the shelter but I had for years because I couldn't have them in a car with me. Right now my children are safe but the mental aspect of what they're dealing with with my parents it's just too much afraid to handle and they've never been without me both their daddies left then and they were always asking me mommy are you going to do the same thing? I told them no matter what I would never leave them and now look it's only temporary but it feels like forever so this could really be life-changing for me. If anyone reads this and would like to help out of the kindness of their heart I would forever be grateful for you as money doesn't go far these days I don't even have enough to pay for hotel rooms that I've been staying in my car by myself. God bless all of you.




Returning Member

I would take the 100 dollars and I would use it towards my payment I have to pay to finish filing my taxes and I can get my tax money

New Member

I will spend my money getting my drivers liscense back and moving to Mauii, Hawaii.

Returning Member

I would like to pay the death off. For better credit score.

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