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Check out our new badges!

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We know that the success of any online community is directly tied to the members who participate in it, and we want to make sure that you get recognized for all the time, knowledge, and passion that you have shared with us.


You may have previously noticed there is a section on your profile page that highlights your “Latest Badges Earned," which is where we recognize you for participating and engaging in our community. Each badge represents a specific community achievement, and is a bit like a digital certificate to show off your involvement.  


When we launched our first phase of badges we wanted to highlight the most popular functions on the community, but we didn’t want to overwhelm everyone. Now that the community is a bit more established, we decided it was a good time to expand the set a bit (Now we can reward you for even more of what you do here!).


To see a full list of the available badges , simply click on the “View All” link in the badge section of your profile. If you have earned the badge, you will see the full color version, and if you haven’t earned it yet, you will see a greyscale version. We tried to make them self-explanatory, but if you are curious what it takes to earn each badge, simply click on it and you’ll get a brief description of what it is. The great thing is that you earn badges automatically, just by doing what you would normally do in the community. Easy!


Because we are expanding the badge set, you may actually earn some new badges for prior activity on the community – don’t worry if you do, we are just making sure that you get all the recognition you deserve! And of course going forward you will continue to collect badges based on your activities.


(We even have a few badges that are hidden until you earn them to keep the things fun.)


As you earn new badges, you will be automatically notified to congratulate you on your achievement. Remember, you can change where and how you get badges (and any other community notifications) in your profile settings.

Level 2

I'm a low-income freelancer. However, as a self-employed person, I paid for an e-filing tax return.
The final step of the filing process is asking me to "Fix Federal Return" or "File by Mail".
I tried to fix it several times but I could not.
Instead of zero, what should I put in "Check this entry"?
Again, my choice is an e-file, so I paid to file my tax return without further effort.
I am waiting for your help, thank you

Returning Member

I would go back to the federal return an have the software review the return to find where there is an issue

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