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What if I'm having trouble with my filing verification code?

by TurboTax Updated 4 days ago

You should receive a verification code in 5 minutes or less. You’ll need to verify your email address before you can file your taxes.

I didn’t get my verification code

Check the email address on the Next, let's verify your email screen. If your email address is correct, check your spam or junk folders.

I want to get the verification code email at a different address

You can update your email address.

  1. Select Not your current email address?.
  2. Select Account settings.
  3. On the Intuit Account screen, update your email address under Sign in & security.
  4. Return to the File section and select Start next to Step 3.

Your new email address will be listed on the verification code page, and you’ll receive another verification code at that address.

My verification code isn't working

  1. Select Resend verification code to request another code.
  2. Leave the TurboTax window open, as closing it will invalidate the code.
    • Open another tab or window or use a different browser to check your email for the code.
    • If you're using a mobile device, it's okay to open your email app or another tab in your browser. Just keep TurboTax open in the background and return when you've got your code.

Why can't I get the verification code on my phone?

We're required by the IRS to verify your email before you e-file.

I still need help with my verification code

Contact us to get additional assistance.

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