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I need my 2015 AGI


Before you can e-file your 2016 federal tax return, the IRS needs to verify your identity with your 2015 adjusted gross income (AGI).

Different ways to get your AGI:

  • Automatic transfer if you use your TurboTax account from last year.
  • From your original unamended 2015 tax return (see 1040 forms below the video).
  • From an IRS transcript of your return.

If you can’t get your AGI for e-file, don’t worry. You can still file a paper return by printing out copies of your federal and state returns and mailing them in. For information on where to send your return, go to the IRS site Where to File Paper Tax Returns With or Without a Payment.

Tip: If you didn’t file last year and you’re in TurboTax, select “No, because [name] didn’t file last year” when we ask you about getting last year’s return. But if you’ve already entered a number for your AGI, manually enter 0 instead.


Look in the upper left corner of your tax return to find out which form you form you filed. Then, check out the form that applies to you below and see where you can find your AGI.

Form 1040 – Line 37

Form 1040A – Line 21

Form 1040EZ – Line 4

Form 1040NR – Line 36

Form 1040X – Line 1