Yes, that is normal procedure for TurboTax. You wi...
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After you file

Yes, that is normal procedure for TurboTax. You will receive a total of three emails regarding that, if you do not make payment upon receiving the first email or you do not contact customer service at the number in the email. 

Those emails are going out to all customers who chose to pay their TurboTax fees through their federal refund (Refund Processing Service), but then had their refund withheld by the government. And because your refund was withheld, Intuit was unable to receive payment for your TurboTax fees.

You agreed to these terms when you selected to use the Refund Processing Service. It was in the agreement presented to you to read and sign before filing. And the information can be found here Why was my bank account charged or debited for TurboTax fees? as well.

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