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Why was my taxes rejected?

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Hello @Itsjalesha!


An e-file rejection just means that some things on your return don't match the IRS database.

If you're looking to fix a stimulus reject code, go here. If you're looking to amend (change) your return, go here.


If you received an ACTION NEEDED! email from, it'll give you a brief explanation of your reject and how to update it. You can also sign in to your TurboTax account and select Fix my return to see your reject code and explanation.


Follow any “fix it” instructions to update the information causing the rejection, and continue through to refile your return (either e-file or file by mail).


Note: Not all rejections will have explicit guides to fixing the information. If you aren't guided to your solution, search for the item causing your rejection and go to that section (you might also be able to find your rejection in the below list of the most “popular” IRS rejects). Make the change and select File in the left-hand menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to either e-file your return or file by mail.


Please view our resource on this subject: How do I fix a rejected return? 


Hope that helps!


Adrian E

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Some rejected returns can be fixed and re-filed.  Some have “un-fixable” reasons for the rejection and have to be mailed instead.

You received a rejection email that we cannot see.  Please tell us word for word what it says so we know how to help you.  Or even copy and paste the email message.


If you used the IRS non-filer site to get a stimulus check, you will now get a  “duplicate SSN” rejection.  We are seeing people who did not notice or ignored the warning on that site about using it if they would be filing a tax return.

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