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How do I contact turbo tax

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You are posting from TurboTax Live.  You can arrange for the Live help you are paying the extra fee for with your questions from  5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time


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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You appear to be using Live Deluxe.  The Live feature is an upgraded version of Deluxe that has live on-demand help from a CPA/EA tax expert during return preparation and a review of your return prior to filing.  Live Deluxe is $120 for Federal and $55 for state (if applicable), and if you choose to pay the fees out of your Federal refund, there is an additional $40 service fee ($45 for California filers.) 


Support hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern), Mon-Fri


How to reach Support depends on the type of issue.


For general support, technical issues, fee issues:

FAQ: What is the TurboTax phone number?


To use your Live feature for help from a CPA/EA tax expert:

FAQ:  What is TurboTax Live?



FAQ:  How to connect with a live tax expert


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