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Troubleshooting TurboTax Desktop for Mac issues

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Select your situation for tips to solve TurboTax Desktop for Mac issues.

  • Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Verify that you have administrator rights.
  • Turn off file sharing by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sharing. Then, uncheck all options under the Services tab. This will stop your computer from sharing any files.
  • Check your CD for any visible damage. If it's damaged, request a replacement.
  • Try installing the CD from a second disc drive on your computer, if you have one.
  • If needed, remove and reinstall TurboTax for Mac.
  • Allow cookies and pop-up windows.
  • If you’re asked to grant access to your confidential information, enter your Mac password and select Always Allow.
  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.
    • Select the Lock to make changes.
    • Then select the App store and identify developers under Allow applications downloaded from (if you're unable to choose it, select the lock icon and enter your admin password).
  • Temporarily turn off your firewall and virus-detection software as well as any other program that connects to the Internet, such as email or web browsers.
    • Remember to turn your security software back on after downloading is complete.
  • Make sure you're running the program from the Applications folder, not from a mounted virtual drive or CD.
  • Wireless connections can be problematic. We recommend updating over a wired, broadband connection.
    • If you don't have access to broadband, try restarting your wireless router.
  • Empty the Trash.
  • Force the update to download and install.
  • If you're still having problems, turn off your computer, then your router, and lastly your modem, in that order.
    • Wait a minute or two, then turn your modem back on.
    • Wait another minute, then turn your router back on.
    • Once your router is back up, turn your computer back on and try updating again.

Here's how to fix it:

  1. In the error message, select Show in Finder.
  2. The Applications folder should open, and your TurboTax 20xx product will be selected. Right click on the TurboTax 20xx product, and select Open.
  3. A similar error message will appear, again saying, TurboTax 20xx can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
  4. This time, select Open and TurboTax will properly install and open.
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