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How do I fix e-file reject IND-507?

SOLVEDby TurboTax25916Updated February 09, 2023

E-file reject code IND-507 usually means that someone else has already claimed your dependent on their return. This could be the other parent or even the dependent themselves. The IRS doesn’t allow a dependent to be claimed on multiple returns, and so they reject any extra attempts to claim the same dependent.

For confidentiality reasons, the IRS can’t disclose who claimed the dependent, but there are two ways to resolve this reject code.

First, check that you've entered their Social Security number(s) correctly

  1. Sign in to TurboTax and select Fix my return
  2. On the next screen, select Start or Revisit to view the Social Security number(s) you’ve entered for your dependent(s)
    • Double-check those numbers listed with their Social Security card(s). The IRS uses the information directly from the Social Security Administration to verify the info on a return
  3. If the Social Security number is incorrect, you can update it and continue to refile your return

If the Social Security number is correct, you have two options

If you want to e-file your return (and get any expected refund faster), you’ll have to remove the dependent from your return altogether.

  1. On the list of dependents and Social Security numbers, don’t answer the question. Instead, select My Info
  2. On your Personal info summary, select the trashcan icon to remove the dependent that’s already been claimed
  3. Continue through the screens to refile your return

If you want to claim your dependent, you’ll need to print and mail your return. The IRS will contact both claimants to determine who rightfully gets to claim the dependent. Once they decide, they'll adjust your refund or amount owed accordingly.

  • On the screen that lists your dependents and Social Security numbers, answer Yes and Continue to print your return. We’ll include instructions on how and where to mail it

Not using TurboTax Online? Select your version below for instructions.

To fix this rejection, you'll need to leave the TurboTax app and sign in to a browser.

  1. Sign out of the app by selecting More from the bottom menu, then Sign Out
  2. Open your browser (either on your device or a computer) and sign in at MyTurboTax.com with the same user ID and password you used for the app
  3. Fix and refile your return in TurboTax Online using the instructions from the TurboTax Online section above

To remove a dependent and e-file:

  1. Open TurboTax and proceed past the "rejected" message until you're back in your return
  2. Select the Personal Info tab and continue to the Your Personal Info Summary screen
  3. Select Edit next to the dependent, and then Delete on the next screen. Answer Yes and then Done
  4. Next, select Review and complete the review process
  5. When you’ve finished, we'll move you to the File section where you can e-file your return again

To claim the dependent and paper file:

  1. Open TurboTax on your computer
  2. At the Rejected message, select Help Me Fix It
  3. Confirm that the Social Security numbers are correct and follow the onscreen instructions to file a paper return

It's possible that somebody filed a fraudulent return using your dependent's info. If you think this might have happened, look at these identity theft resources:

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