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How do I fix a rejected return?

SOLVEDby TurboTax50574Updated 1 month ago

To fix your rejected return, first find your rejection code—it indicates the reason your return was rejected. The code is in the email you received and in TurboTax after selecting Fix my return. Here's an example: 

To fix and refile your return, select Fix it now or Revisit and TurboTax will guide you through fixing and refiling your return.

For detailed instructions, you can also search your reject code in TurboTax to follow along with a dedicated help article.

  • F1040-164-01: Must file Form 8862 to claim Earned Income Credit
  • FW2-502: The name or EIN for an employer on your W-2 doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-031-04: The AGI or Self-select PIN from last year for the first taxpayer doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-032-04: The spouse's AGI or Self-select PIN from last year doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-181-01: The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) for the first taxpayer on your return is missing
  • IND-507: A dependent on your return has already been claimed on another return
  • IND-516-02: If the Primary Taxpayer is claimed as an exemption in the return, then the Primary SSN must not be the same as a Dependent SSN on another return filed for the same tax year
  • IND-517-01: A Dependent SSN in the return must not be the same as the Primary or Spouse SSN on another return where 'PrimaryClaimAsDependentInd' or 'SpouseClaimAsDependentInd' isn't checked
  • IND-524: The date of birth doesn't match IRS records
  • R0000-500-01: The name or Social Security number for the first taxpayer doesn't match IRS records
  • R0000-504-02: The name or Social Security number for a dependent on your return doesn't match IRS records

If you don’t see your code on the list, you can find it in TurboTax. 

  1. Sign in to TurboTax.
  2. Select Fix my return to see your rejection code and explanation.
  3. Select Fix it now and follow the instructions to update the info causing the reject.
    • If you need more help, search for the code in TurboTax to follow along with a help article.
  4. Once you've fixed the error, select File in the left menu and follow the instructions to either e-file or file by mail.

If you can't e-file your return no matter what you do, visit this article for more information.

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