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Can I still file my taxes in TurboTax after the October 16 deadline?

by TurboTax Updated 2 months ago

If you started your 2023 return in TurboTax Online, you generally have until October 31 to file your return online, but it may be subject to late filing fees.

If your 2023 return gets rejected after the deadline, you may have some extra time to fix and resubmit your return to the IRS without being subject to late-filing fees. As long as your return is submitted by the due date, you're given:

  • 5 days to resubmit the return electronically
  • 10 days to resubmit the return via mail

Note: If your TurboTax navigation looks different from what’s described here, learn more.

TurboTax Online: To resubmit, simply follow the onscreen instructions after signing in. If you choose to paper-file, select File and follow the steps to file by mail.

TurboTax Desktop: To resubmit, reopen your return and follow the onscreen instructions. If you choose to paper-file, select the File by mail option.

After October 31, 2024, you can't start, finish, or e-file new 2023 returns in TurboTax Online. You'll need to use TurboTax Desktop, and then mail your return. Some exceptions may apply for amending and resubmitting rejected 2023 returns previously filed through TurboTax Online.

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