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How do I override (replace) an amount calculated by TurboTax?

by TurboTax Updated 4 months ago

In the TurboTax Desktop software, you can override (replace) a calculated figure in Forms Mode. This feature is unavailable in TurboTax Online.

Important: Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't have to override anything. Returns that contain overrides cannot be e-filed and may not be covered under our 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee. We're providing these instructions to customers who understand the risks, but wish to proceed anyhow.

  1. Switch to entering your info via forms.
  2. Right-click the line item value you want to override and select Override (Windows) or choose Override from the Edit menu (Mac).
  3. Enter the value; it should turn red, indicating an override.
  4. Switch back to the interview by selecting Step-by-Step from the menu.

To undo the override, follow the same directions except choose Cancel Override in Step 2 (Windows) or uncheck Override in the Edit menu (Mac).

When you run the final review, TurboTax will alert you of any overrides in your return.

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