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TurboTax FAQ
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Where do I enter Schedule C?

We'll automatically create and fill out Schedule C or C-EZ when you set up your business in TurboTax, or when you enter what the IRS considers self-employment income (often reported on a 1099-MISC).

Schedules C and C-EZ are supported in TurboTax Self-Employed (online and mobile app) and in all personal 1040 versions of the TurboTax CD/Download software.

To set up your business:

  1. Log in and then select the "Take me to my return" button.
  2. Search for schedule c and select the "Jump to" link in the search results.  (If you don't see the link, go back to the "Tax Home" screen and make sure you've selected "take me to my return.")
  3. Answer Yes to Did you have any self-employment income or expenses? or Did you have any income and expenses for a business in 2017? and follow the onscreen instructions.

Or, if you need the Schedule C to report a 1099-MISC, search for 1099misc, then select the "Jump to" link. Answer Yes to Did you get a 1099-MISC? and follow the directions. We'll ask questions to find out if the income needs to go on Schedule C or C-EZ--if it does, we'll add the schedule to your return.

Note: On returns that only require Schedule C-EZ, we'll also generate Schedule C, but this is only used for calculation purposes and isn't filed with the return.